Difference between shifting and non shifting hajj


Non-Shifting Package

Example: You arrive at Jeddah Airport, you travel to Makkah and are booked into a hotel until the days of Hajj. You go to Mina day 1 directly from your hotel in Makkah. Most of your luggage remains at your Makkah hotel. You take along essentials required for staying at Mina (a few days and nights), Arafat (during day)  and Muzdalifah (during night). When Hajj is completed you return to your hotel at Makkah and stay there until you set off for Madinah. The advantage being that you are close to the Haram so can easily get there to perform your prayers and tawaaf. The price of a non shifting package is slightly higher.

You don’t have to transfer all your luggage to Azizya which is where some tour guides will transfer you to. Azizya is quite far from the Haram so you’ll need to walk a distance to get to the Haram. You’ll most likely be walking as transport is in demand.


Shifting Package:

Example: When the days of Hajj arrive, you may be transferred to Azizya a few days before and then to Mina. When Hajj is completed, you stay at Azizya, but depending on your package you may be shifted a couple of times. If you are energetic and can walk between 30-60 mins to perform your salah at the Haram, it’s ok. It’s not a short walk though and pilgrims struggle to walk to the Haram 5 times a day. Also, check with your tour operator on how many people will be housed in one room at azizya hotel, as there can be 12 people sharing a room and two rooms can be sharing a toilet.

You may end up spending less time in the Haram with the shifting package due to the distance of the Haram from azizya hotel. This is going to be a journey of a life time so plan it properly.

Shifting packages can be slightly cheaper.

Confirm with your tour operator if they will provide transport to the Haram whilst at azizya. How long you’ll be staying at Azizya. How many people sharing a room. How many times you will be shifted whilst at Makkah.

When you set off for Madinah, you’ll stay at the one hotel until you leave for home. Shifting only happens whilst at Makkah, but do double check with your tour operator/group leader.

If you have any further questions, please check with your tour operator.

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