Help The Homeless UK

I was walking through town centre today, rushing to get to my destination due to the freezing weather. It was cold even though I was dressed with warm clothing.

I walked past a homeless man who was sat outside Greggs with a blanket wrapped around him. I stopped and asked him if he wanted something to eat. He replied, “someone has already purchased me breakfast, but thank you”. I asked if I could get him anything else, he replied “a cup of tea please”. I got him a cup of tea from Greggs and a pack of biscuits.

I thought about this homeless man all day. Thinking I am lucky to have a shelter over my head, heating and food.

On my return, later in the afternoon, he was still sat there, so I purchased him another cup of tea, a bottle of orange juice and some food.

Please remember the homeless when you walk past. Most are ignored because we may not believe they are genuine. If you think that, purchase them some food or a drink.

The next time you walk past a homeless person or someone who is begging, please think about them. We have everything today, it could all be gone tomorrow.

If we all do a little to help the homeless in the UK, we can at least help feed them every day.

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