Struggling to pray Namaz


Asalaam Alaykum

You are visiting this page because you really want to perform your salah (5 daily prayers) but you don’t, mainly due to laziness.

There are lots of articles on the Internet which scare us with various hadith which include the punishments of not reading salah. These articles do help, but you read the articles/hadith, become fearful and the next day you forget and move on to your usual routine, and continue to miss your prayers. The Shaitaan is always playing with us.

I’m not going to quote any hadith or the punishments for not reading your salah. All I ask is you take up a 5 week challenge and In Sha Allah you will fall in love with salah.

The Challenge
For the next 5 weeks, (Not including the month of Ramadan, as we perform all of our prayers anyway whilst the Shaitaan is locked up), read your salah every day. No matter what, don’t miss a salah. If you do miss a salah due to being busy at work, make up for it as qaza salah, but ensure you perform your 5 daily prayers. But do try your best to perform your salah on time. In Sha Allah

If you find reading sunnah/nafls prayers difficult, start with your fard namaz and you will introduce your sunnah/nafl prayers as you move on, In Sha Allah. If you’re out, look for a place to perform your salah, but don’t miss your salah. Try to plan salah into your journeys, such as where you will read your salah when you’re out. This is a simple 5 week challenge which In Sha Allah will make you fall in love with salah. You won’t miss a salah ever again. In Sha Allah. It will also change your life, as you will feel at peace knowing that you are praying as the almighty has commanded us in the Qur’an, In Sha Allah.

If you have any other ideas that worked for you, please do comment below. Share the knowledge and gain reward as Sadaqah Jariya, In Sha Allah

May Allah Subhana Wa Talah guide us all and forgive me if I have made any mistakes.

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