We remember God in tough times but they’re the good times


Most will agree that we remember God when we are going through a tough time, for example, when a loved one falls seriously ill or a close family member passes away. There are many other situations in life where we are forced to turn to God. We pray, cry and become closer to the almighty and once all is stable in our life, we continue with life until the next phase of tough times hits.

But, those tough times we go through brings us closer to God. We ask for help, the connection seems to become stronger. This may sound strange, but the tough times are the good times, it brings us closer to the almighty.

Prayer is very powerful and great for relaxation. Pour your heart out to the almighty, whether it’s after prayer or when you are sitting in a room alone. I agree, not all prayers are accepted straightaway. What we need to remember, the almighty is the best of planners. We pray, but only the almighty knows whether that prayer will be beneficial for us.

Let me leave you with a question to think about before I complete this post.

What if the almighty punished you instantly whenever you committed a sin?

This is a short post but wanted to send out a reminder. Pray and thank the almighty in both tough and good times.

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