The Birth Of A Human Being


The Qur’an descibes the Human creation in such great detail that it was impossible for humans to have known over 1400 years ago. I wont be going into great detail on this topic but enough to give you an idea that humans would not have known this at the time.

Up until recently, it was thought that the gender of a baby was determined by the mothers cell(s). Over 1400 years ago, the following verses were mentioned within the Qur’an:

And that it is He Who has created the pairs, male and female? From a drop of liquid, when it is added? (Qur’an, 53:45-46)


Was he not a drop of ejaculated sperm, then a blood clot which He created and shaped, making from it both sexes, male and female? (Qur’an, 75:37-39)

It was amazing to know that the above verses were mentioned within the Qur’an over 1400 years ago and later discovered in the 20th century by modern Science.

The Process

When the sperm of the male meets with the ovum of the female, the process of the baby’s development starts. In Biology, this cell is known as a Zygote, which will eventually become a piece of flesh called an Embryo.

For those who want to view the Embryo can only do so via a powerful microscope. The first microscope was not invented until the year 1610. The first detailed account of the interior construction of living tissue based on the use of a microscope did not appear until 1644, so over 1400 years ago it was impossible to view a Embryo with the naked eye.

The Embryo then clings to the Uterus by its Tendrils and via this bond it can obtain from the mothers body, the essentials required for development.

The Qur’an mentions:

“Recite: In the name of your Lord Who created man from alaq. Recite: And your Lord is the Most Generous.” (Qur’an, 96:1-3)

The word alaq in Arabic is something that clings. The word used describes leeches that cling to a body to suck blood. It was recently discovered that the Embryo looks like a leech! No human would have know this over 1400 years ago without the use of a powerful microscope which did not exist at the time.


Below is an image of an Embryo, which looks like a leech.


The Qur’an continues to mention the development of the Embryo in much more detail. The Qur’an mentions the below verse:

We then turned the drop of fluid into a clot of blood, then the clot into a small lump of flesh, then the lump into bones, then covered the bones with  flesh; then developed it in a different mould; therefore Most Auspicious is  Allah, the Best Creator. (Qur’an, 23:14)

Embryologists assumed that the bones and muscles in an Embryo developed at the same time, but recently with the use of more powerful technology, they have discovered that the Qur’an description is correct! No one could have made this up 1400 years ago.

Another verse from the Qur’an which amazed me was the one below.

It is He Who created you from a single being, and then from the same  being created its spouse, and sent down for you eight pairs of animals; He  creates you in your mothers’ wombs, from one sort to another, in a  triple darkness; such is Allah, your Lord – for Him only is the  kingship; there is no God except Him; so where are you being turned away? (Qur’an 39:6)

According to Professor Keith Moore these three veils of darkness mentioned within the Qur’an are referring to:

1)  The Anterior abdominal wall of the mother
2)  Uuterine wall
3)  Amnio chorionic membrane

The above was impossible for humans to know over 1400 years ago without the technology which exists today.

The Qur’an goes into much more detail when describing the development of a human. The above is just part of it.

God knows best

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